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Homecare Advocate began as a way to reach out to family caregivers who live the homecare story every day. As a homecare equipment provider, we’ve had the unique opportunity to get to know a lot of people as their homecare journey unfolds.  One thing that became apparent to us is that many families are largely unfamiliar with homecare until they are thrust into the situation where they realize someone they love needs help.  They are lost, overwhelmed, and completely unaware of what is available to help them.  Our goal with this blog is to be a resource for these families, to educate, empower, and provide a sense of hope and understanding as they undertake what will be one of the most challenging and rewarding periods of their lives. (Read More/Less)

Home.  It is more than the physical place where you live; it’s where your life unfolds.   There’s truth in Dorothy’s famous revelation, “there’s no place like home”.  According to a recently published AARP study, over 83% of older Americans want to stay in their current homes for the rest of their lives.  However, when disease, injury, illness, and loss of function occurs, many people fear that they will have to give up their homes and livelihood to go into an institutional setting to get the medical attention they need.  Fortunately, there is a better way.  Homecare Advocate will explore these options, covering everything from changing your home to fit your lifestyle, how to use home medical equipment, how to talk to your Congressman about protecting homecare, and many more.   You will meet advocates who fight for your homecare rights and hear stories from other caregivers as they share their experience.

So welcome, come on in, and make yourself at home.  We’re glad you’re here and hope that you’ll have a look around.  Is there an issue you’d like to see covered by Homecare Advocate?  Drop us an e-mail at advocate@lambertshc.com.  Like what you’re reading?  Leave a comment on our blog posts. Thanks for visiting!


  • Ashley Plauche
    Ashley Plauché

    An energetic and passionate advocate, Ashley is the Communications Director for Lambert’s where she handles communications, outreach, and government relations initiatives to promote homecare options for seniors and people with disabilities.  Ashley is highly involved in several state and national homecare advisory groups, serves on the Knoxville-Knox County Office on Aging council, and is Vice President of the Association for Tennessee Home Oxygen & Medical Equipment Services (ATHOMES).   Inspired by her childhood hero Annie, Ashley is determined to fight the good fight and understands how important family truly is.

    When not blogging on Homecare Advocate, you can find Ashley hiking in the Smoky Mountains, doing freelance graphic design, and spending time with her husband, Josh.

  • Randy Wolfe
    Randy Wolfe

    Randy is the president and owner of Lambert’s and has been actively involved in the Homecare Industry for over 30 years.   His rich experience in homecare issues come both from the perspective of a provider as well as a caregiver as he and his wife, Elizabeth, are caregivers for their parents.  A recipient of the prestigious national Homecaring Award and numerous other leadership awards, Randy is one of the nation’s most outspoken champions for homecare.  He held several leadership positions at various state and national homecare associations; he is currently on the Board of Directors at the American Association for Homecare (AAH) and chairs the national grassroots Stand Up for Homecare initiative.

    An artist at heart, Randy enjoys painting landscapes, fishing, and working in his pond on the weekends.  He and his wife credit their faith in God to their happy marriage and their ability to see the everyday blessings that caregiving enables them to experience with their parents.

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